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According to the Patanjali Sutras, “Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind.” Yoga’s main goal is to instill compassion and a strong sense of unity and oneness with all living things. Yoga as a means of promoting good health, preventing illness, and treating imbalances in mental and physical well-being. Yoga has demonstrated in studies that it may improve both physical and mental health. Although yoga is not a cure-all for mental health issues, it can work wonders when combined with other health-improving techniques.

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Yoga is practised with a very all-encompassing view of wellness. It involves techniques that emphasise the health of the body, mind, and spirit. The advantages are initially quite modest, but over time as it becomes a way of life, they become very apparent. reading more
If by yoga you mean asanas, then it is undoubtedly insufficient to keep you in shape. Fitness is a function of both one’s mental and physical health. Consequently, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, practising the right yoga poses, pranayama, and meditation, as well as using the information you learn in the courses, can keep you in good health.
There are no negative effects when performed correctly under the guidance of a certified yoga instructor. The outcomes, if any, are only favourable.
Yoga is not a replacement for medical care. It does, however, aid the body-mind complex in coping with challenges.

Yoga asanas are performed in a rhythmic way that engages the body, mind, and soul. Yoga revitalises one’s entire body and is like a meeting with the Self. When exercising, physical health is the main goal. One feels fatigued after a routine workout. And this is not the case after practising yoga.

When your stomach is empty and there are few distractions, early in the morning is the best time to practice yoga. You should also repeat your exercises late in the afternoon or early in the evening before dinner. Practices in the morning help you feel more upbeat and have more energy throughout the day, and practice in the evening helps you release tensions and stresses that have built up throughout the day, making you feel refreshed.

Yes! In fact, yoga would be perfect for you. Many people believe that in order to begin yoga, they need to be able to move around. Yoga practice will help you become more flexible if you come as you are.
Some people dress in loose-fitting shorts or baggy bottoms with a t-shirt. Others dress in shirts and tight, flexible leggings. Wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement and stretching is all that matters.
Each person is unique when it comes to eating and digestion, so they must figure out what works for them. A small breakfast or snack that is quickly digested is preferred if you must eat within two hours of a session. In general, I do not advise eating a heavy meal within two hours of a class. Before a class, it is advised that you stay hydrated, so drink some water.

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