Counselling & Psychotherapy


Work with the clients and observer cases after getting trained under supervision.

⏳Duration- 4 months
📆 Date- 17th March-16th July
🕜 Time- 11am-1pm (Sat & Sun)
📺Mode- Google Meet

📜Perks –

📌Access to recording for 6 months
📌 Hands on training with clients and observership
📌 E-certificate of completion
📌 Discount on membership of IAOTH
📌 Case discussions
📌 Resource materials
📌Letter of recommendation



Paper 1: Counselling

Introduction to Psychotherapy and Counseling

Definitions, Objectives, Models of counseling, Schools of Psychotherapy, ethics of counseling and therapy sessions.


Objectives of interviews, interviewing techniques, types of interviews, characteristics of structured and unstructured interview, interviewing skills.

Case History and Mental Status Examination


Paper 2: Therapy in non clinical setup

 Crisis Intervention

Definition of Crisis, phases of Crisis, Techniques, and Stages of crisis work, Applications

Motivational Enhancement Therapy

Motivational interview and its technique, difference between AA & MET and CBT & MET



Paper 3: Therapy in clinical setup

Behavior Modification and Therapy

Introduction, Behavioral assessment, analysis and formulations, Relaxation techniques, social skills training, and operant procedures

Cognitive Therapies

  • Introduction to Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Models, basic principles and assumptions, techniques based on Cognitive restructuring and therapies.
  • Introduction to Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Models, basic principles and assumptions & Rational, Emotive & Behavioral techniques.
  • Introduction to Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Models, assumptions & techniques of Mindfulness, Interpersonal Skills, Distress Tolerance & Emotional Regulations. 


Paper 4: Practical

Role Plays







*Please note*: After the registration, the participants will be added to the Google Classroom and WhatsApp groups a day before the program begins.


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